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Esposende in the Path to Santiago, the Portuguese Coast Path.

The “Alminhas House” is inserted in one of the most beautiful counties of the north of Portugal. Esposende is part of the Natural Park of the North Coast, a protected area of ​​great beauty where you can enjoy natural walks, some of them very close to this quiet house that is located in the parish of Fonte Boa, or simply enchant yourself with the beautiful beaches of the region , as are Esposende, Ofir, and Apulia.

About 2 kilometers from the Alminhas House, the Cávado river flows, and you can see its estuary and its mouth. A sanctuary for migratory birds, which with their presence make the sky of the county of Esposende a real spectacle, to which you can ally and enjoy the walks along the footbridges installed on one of the banks of the river Cávado.

The city center of Esposende is approximately 5 kilometers away. Closer, 1 kilometer is the village of Fão, where you can enjoy the beach of Ofir. Apulia is also very close. Among the many existing attractions, highlight the Castro de São Lourenço, in the parish of Vila Chã. It is a national monument and one of the best examples of the Bronze Age culture in Portugal.

Esposende also benefits from good accessibility and, consequently, proximity to cities like Viana do Castelo, 22 kilometers, Barcelos, 13 kilometers, Póvoa de Varzim, 14 kilometers, and Braga, 35 kilometers.

Reasons more than enough (but there is more!) to come here. We will be waiting for you and we will indicate the best places to visit.

Traditional Gastronomy and Pastry

Located in the Minho coast region, the municipality of Esposende is well known for its gastronomy, such as the ribs and the lamprey. A highlight is the town of Apúlia and Fão, where you can find several quality restaurants, with special emphasis on the fish dishes that are served. In addition to the possibility of enjoying the peace that the Alminhas House offers you, you can also taste the wonderful dishes that are made in the county: such as Fão’s famous ribs, or the fillets of Octopus in the Restaurant Rita Fangueira, all in the picturesque village of Fão.

Cultural Spots

The Alminhas House is inserted in one of the most beautiful counties of the north of Portugal. Esposende is part of the Natural Park of the North Coast, a protected area of ​​great beauty, where you can enjoy natural walking paths, some of them very close to this quiet house that is located in the parish of Fonte Boa, or simply enchant yourself with the beautiful beaches of the region, as are Esposende, Ofir and Apulia.


The designation of Fonte Boa appears in 1589. Until that date it was called Fonte Mala, Fonte Maa, Fonte Má. According to some historians there are doubts if Fonte Boa, for example, will not have been called Frente Mar. We do not know exactly what the name of this parish would be before the ninth century. We know, however, that the first Bishops of Braga, especially Saint Martin de Dume, wanted to erase all the negative effects of old pagan cults that still persisted in his Archdiocese.

Path to Santiago

The Portuguese Way of the pilgrimage coast to Santiago de Compostela is marked in Esposende by several landmarks, signs and arrows indicating the itinerary in the territory of the county.

Having used Via Veteris in the Middle Ages as a way to reach Compostela, it will only be in the Modern Era that the Portuguese Way of Pilgrimage to the city of Santiago, where the remains of the Holy Apostle lie, will take on greater importance. type = “camino-de-santiago” more_text = “Read more …” less_text = “… close text” hidden = “yes”]

Along this route, thousands of pilgrims are now circulating in various ways – on foot, on horseback, by bicycle or even by boat – following the “yellow arrows” without looking back. By way of passage, perhaps, also some monarchs: D. Afonso II, Queen Santa Isabel and King D. Manuel I, having crossed the Cávado by the Barca (Gemeses – Good Source) towards Santiago.

It is not by chance that the marks of devotion and the evocation of this spirit of pilgrimage, which are evident in churches, minarets and cruises, can be seen in a number of places throughout the region in its 20km from Apulia to Antas (S. Paio ). Names like “Royal Road”, “Road of the Knights” or “Old Road” (Karraria Antiqua or Via Veteris) are still well present and always indicate the same sense!

Esposende is equipped with a hostel for pilgrims (Hostel of São Miguel de Marinhas), a Youth Hostel (Fão), as well as a wide range of accommodation (Hotels, Rural Tourism, among other modalities), services and facilities, where to spend the night and relax.
If today the paths are somewhat different from those used in other times, due to the changes of man’s desires and the distinct and characteristic rhythms of the evolution of the landscape, the spirit, however, remains the same, of the man before his Faith and the achievement of a goal, be it personal or collective.

However, if your destination is Santiago de Compostela, enjoy to enjoy the passage through Esposende; observing and feeling what Nature has provided us by these stops, when contemplating the Natural Park of the North Coast, our coast and beaches, the rivers Cávado and Neiva and, when passing above the mountains that belong to the Arriba Fossil, admire also the marks of the man in these lands, patents in the many monuments that will mark and color this section of the Way. Feel the sympathy of the people and our hospitality and, of course, never fail to taste our gastronomy!
Certainly, if you complete this mosaic – characteristic of this land – you will arrive in Santiago and say that you also stopped at Esposende and appreciated the Path, because “Esposende is a privilege of nature”![/showhide]

Night life

Besides being a privilege of nature, the county of Esposende also stands out for its nocturnal spaces. Note to the town of Fão by the bars that you can attend and there are two of the best known nightclubs in the country that work in the bathing season. The bars are open all year round.


Esposende is also a municipality directed to water sports. Highlight for kayaking, and some of the greatest national athletes of the sport are natural here. The surfing practiced on the beaches of Ofir and Esposende is also well known and a focus of attraction for tourists visiting the area and also KIte Surf, a mode that has stood out in recent years in the region due to the favorable conditions of the territory for the practice.

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